About Us

Winners of 2 Emmy Awards in 2023 and 2 Webby Awards in 2022, along with being 2022 Berlin Commercial winners, Stav and Gilad of BONAMAZE have been recognized as Vimeo Staff Picks three times. Starting their careers as drummers and music producers, they evolved into visual artists. The duo excels in the ‘holy trinity’ of filmmaking – Directing, Editing, and Sound Design. As experts in rhythm and beats, they combine high aesthetics with innovative storytelling and editing. Their unique ‘Sound Of’ technique has garnered BONAMAZE acclaim in the music video and commercial industries. They have worked with brands such as Nestle, Pepsi, Tuborg, Snickers, Coca-Cola, and Breitling. Their viral hit, ‘The Sound of Skateboarding’, a collaboration with Tony Hawk, made significant waves online. They also created buzz with ‘The Sound of Berlin’ and the celebrated ‘NYC! Sound (Back) On’. These projects have been featured in festivals and have won several awards, including 2 Webby Awards and 2 Emmy Awards for ‘Nola Vibes featuring Jon Batiste

The Founders

The Bonamazes

Gilad Avnat

Director, Scriptwriter , Sound Designer & drummer

Stav Nahum

Video Editor, Composer, Sound Designer & drummer